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Unit Activities and Evaluation

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Overall Project

Students will be compiling a Hawaii statehood time capsule.  In doing so, students will be interviewing 10 people in the community that were able to experience Hawaii both as a territory and a state.  When doing these interviews, students will ask the interviewees to donate a small item that symbolizes statehood.  This item will then be added to the time capsule.  Attached to the item will be a small tag that  describes the item and how it pertains to statehood.  It is my hope that through doing a community time capsule students today and students in the future will be able to see how statehood impacted life in Hawaii.


Aside from the classwork traditionally given in class, this specific project on Hawaii statehood will be graded in three parts:  1. blog posts, 2. interview and essay, and 3. time capsule item compilation/discription.  Information on these parts are listed below.


Blog Posts

The class blog site is http://hawaii-statehood.blogspot.com

Students will be given a weekly topic that pertains to Hawaii statehood.  The posting of the topic will be available on the Monday at 6:00pm.  Students will be asked to respond to the prompt in the class blog by 6:00pm on the Sunday after class.  Blog postings should reflect your opinions and beliefs.  If you want your voice heard, express it!  Resources that can be used to aid you to answer the blog posts can be found on the class wiki.  Please note that these resources are not exhaustive and you may use other sites.  Evaluation of the blogs will be done using the forthcoming rubric. 


Blog Rubric


Interview and Essay

Students will interview 10 people within the Hawaii community that experienced both Hawaii as a territory and state.  Students will ask them questions that pertain to territory and state life, how statehood affected Hawaii, and to submit an item to be included in the time capsule.  Please note that these questions are just basic questions and students are encouraged to ask more in-depth questions.  A class session devoted to interviewing and creating questions will occur during this project.  Students will then create an essay on their interviews and answer the driving question: how did statehood affect Hawaii as a whole?  These essays will be evaluated using the forthcoming rubric.


Interview Essay Rubric 


Time Capsule Item Compilation/Description 

Students will collect an item that signifies statehood from each of their interviewees.  These items do not need to be expensive items! Students should have a total of 10 items.  Attached to each item will be a description of the item in one paragraph.   The descriptive paragraph for each item will be evaluated using the forthcoming rubric.


Item Description

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