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Created by: Travis Nakayama

Education 314

University of Hawaii at Hilo






Project Information:


Essential Question: 

How did statehood affect Hawaii as a whole?



Students should become aware of the reasons why the United States chose to grant statehood to Hawaii.  Also, students should realize the integral role Hawaii plays in the United States.  Finally, students should realize how statehood allows us as Hawaii residents to live the life we live today.


Hawaii Content and Performance Standards III:

Topic: The Overthrow.

Benchmark: SS.9MHH.3.4

Description: "Explain the political, social, and economic effects of the Overthrow, including U.S. military presence, the Organic Act, the Territorial Government, and Statehood."


Important Announcements:


See SIDEBAR for Important Announcements and Class Links.


Important Resources:


  • General Information:
    • This is a Wikipedia site containing general information about Hawaii.

Hawaii Wikipedia


  • State if Hawaii 1959 General Election Preposition Results
    • This is a .pdf file regarding the 1959 Hawaii General Election results regarding statehood.

Proposition Results


  • United States Congress Admission Act of 1959
    • This is a text version of the U.S. Congress Admission Act of 1959

Admission Act


  • United States Congress Eisenhower Archives of Hawaiian Statehood
    • This is a government database of files regarding statehood.

Eisenhower Archives


  •  Universal Newsreels Video in 1959 Regarding Hawaii Statehood
    • This is a YouTube video from Universal Newsreels pertaining to statehood. 

YouTube plugin error


  • Honolulu Advertiser Article About Statehood and Civil Rights
    • This article from the Honolulu Advertiser focuses on statehood and the implementation of civil rights.

Honolulu Advertiser Article


  • Statehood Hawaii Website/Blog About Statehood
    • This online blog gives many opinions, including opinions from Native Hawaiians, regarding statehood. This site also gives various resources that pertain statehood.

Statehood Hawaii


  • Statehood Day Holiday in Hawaii
    • This website provides information about Statehood Day and its uniqueness to Hawaii.

Statehood Day


  • Hawaii 50 Year Celebration
    • This government website provides articles, interviews, and resources about statehood.

50th Anniversary of Statehood


  • Hawaii State Government Website
    • This is the official website of the State of Hawaii. Students can use this site to see the various services that occured as a result of gaining statehood.

State of Hawaii





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