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A Letter to the Parents

Page history last edited by Travis Nakayama 14 years, 10 months ago

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Please read the following regarding the technology applications that will be used for every major unit in the course.  A permission form detailing the terms and conditions of weblog (blog) use is attached at the end of this document.



For every major unit of the Modern History of Hawaii course, discussion forums and class announcements will be utilizing digital technology.  By using technology, it is my hope that students will develop their writing and explore their personal interests, while concurrently gaining the skills of the 21st century.  Students will be using wikis to view major project announcements and links, and participating within the class blog,  to express their opinions and view the perspectives of their peers.


Hawaii Content and Performance Standards III

This area corresponds to HCPS III SS.9MHH3.4;  As such this unit views topics that relate to the overthrow.  Topics include "political, social, and economic effects of the overthrow, including U.S. military presence, the Organic Act, the Territorial government, and statehood."


How It Works

Every week, Mr. Nakayama's class will focus on a particular theme within the context of the course.  The theme during the class time will correspond to the theme of the blog.  Students are expected to make use of the materials during class time and express themselves using the writing skills taught within their language arts classes.  The emphasis will be on the quality, not the quantity of what they write.  When students are done with their writing, they will save it as a draft.  The draft will then be reviewed by Mr. Nakayama before it is published on the blog.


Computer time will be allotted within the class periods every week to provide them with the time needed to complete their weekly blogging assignment.  If the time allotted during class is not sufficient to complete the blog entry, students may also work from home.  All that is required is an internet connection and a web browser.  Again, students are to save their work as drafts before it is published on the blog.  Directions for working from home will be provided.


Seeing the issue through multiple perspectives is an essential component in this class.  If you have an opinion, express it!  In addition to publishing their own posts within the class blog, students will be viewing and commenting on posts made by their classmates or peers.  Parents are also invited to become members of the class blog and express their opinions as well.  To maintain consistency with the way blogs are published, parent members of the class blog will also be required to save their work as drafts before having it approved and published by the instructor.



Only authorized users of the class will be allowed to make posts.  To be invited to the blog, anyone wanting access to the blog must be approved by Mr. Nakayama before gaining access.  Please send a request to join the blog to uwyotravis@yahoo.com.  I will then send an invite from the blog to your e-mail address. 


This blogging project is designed to minimize risk to yourself and your child.  The only personally identifying information included in the blog will be their first names.  If there are duplicate first names, first names will be modified by adding numbers to the end of the name.  For example, if there are two students named Matthew in the class, one will be Matthew1 and the other Matthew2, and so on.  Also, there will be no mention of our school name or our location.  Members of the class blog are not allowed to disclose  their age, e-mail address, photographs of themselves, or other sensitive information.  Essentially, the only information that may be included in the blogs are personal opinions and interests.



The weekly blog projects as well as the other projects contribute to the overall project that deals with Hawaii statehood.  The weekly blog assignments will be part of your child's grade for Modern History of Hawaii.  As with the other projects completed within this class, students will receive a scoring rubric that explains the expectations for all assignments.  The rubric will include a section for the comments from the instructor.



Before your child starts posting to the class blog, I am asking you and your child to discuss and sign the following form that is attached.  Please have your child return the form to Mr. Nakayama as soon as possible.


Blogging Terms and Conditions


Questions?  Concerns?

If you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to ask about it.  Please e-mail me at uwyotravis@yahoo.com should you have any questions or concerns.  Also, there is a separate posting area on the blog that you can express any questions or concerns. 

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